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Helene T. Fjereide

Hello, I'm Helene T. Fjereide

Welcome to my personal website. A little about me; I graduated from Volda University College in 2015. Where I studied for a bachelor degree in animation. At Volda UC we were taught the basics in several different animation techniques. Autumn 2017 I graduated from Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), with a Master of Arts in Animation Production. At AUB I looked closer at animation as an educational aid. From there, I moved back to Norway to get a Bachelor degree in Pedagogy. To gain a greater understanding of teaching; the history, psychology and sociology's meaning on our lifes.

Helene T. Fjereide

Bachelor in animation from Volda University College (Høgskulen i Volda) (2015). Masters of Arts in Animation production from Arts University Bournemouth (2017).

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Helene T. Fjereide

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