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Building an Arch in Ancient Rome (2017)

MA project. A concept to illustrate an idea and business idea. Three short sequences here put together to one. These sequences are based on illustrations that you can find here. These animations were mainly made as a visual concept and a preview of a bigger product.

Narration by: Ruben Nerheim (at Aninaut Studios).

Ham-Lite 2013

This is  a short movie with an incredibly long end credits ( feel free to skip the end credits, all makers agree on this). It was a group project at Volda University College, made in digital cut-out. Made in the last term of the first year. The names of the main crew is:

- Linn Marita Engan Hallås

- Marianne Nerland

- Renate Tjelta

- Helene T. Fjereide

(responsible for script and productionplan, animated from: 1.30-1.56, 2.13-2.32 and 2.49-2.51, sound recording and contact person for voice actors, sound-effects)

Pathea (2015)

Collaboration with: Renate Tjelta and Jose Garcia Aldama Pepe (

When the society is blinded by the technology, a young girl finds herself drastically dragged out of "the crowd". Despite the scary new things she's never really seen before, she finds unexpected beauty in the smallest things.

Pathea is a short movie made by Renate Tjelta and me, Helene T. Fjereide. This is our bachelor movie, our final product for our bachelor degree. We graduated from Høgskulen i Volda (Volda University College) spring 2015. During this project, we've had different main jobs throughout the production. My responsibilities have for the most part been the concept and scriptwriting, as well as to create the world and the backgrounds of the production. Other than this I've animated everything in the background and worked closely with our man in special effects, Jose Garcia Aldama Pepe. Together we've compositioned the city in a 3D depth in Adobe After Effects and set up the lighting and shading for the right effect. In this production I've also taken part in the sound-editing, placing the ambient, sound effects, and music.

Helene T. Fjereide

Bachelor in animation from Volda University College (Høgskulen i Volda) (2015). Masters of Arts in Animation production from Arts University Bournemouth (2017).

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