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A little about me,

I'm now taking an bachelor degree in Pedagogy at NLA university college. To gain a greater understanding of teaching; the history, psychology and sociology's influence on our lifes. I'm interested in animatioan as an educational aid, and the use of animation in communication across language and (some) cultural barriers. To teach and inform.

Autumn 2017 I graduated from Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), with a Master of Arts in Animation Production. At AUB I looked closer at animation as an educational aid. This degree focuses on practice, theory and professionalism and the 'critical dialogue' between them.

The AUB MA Animation Production philosophy sees observation, drawing and an understanding of the traditional principles of animation as fundamental, but these are critically contextualised in relation to technology, history, theory and professional/studio practice. The overriding objective is to enable all Animation students to see themselves as part of a ‘community of practice’ (that includes research and critique, and the building of a ‘production culture’), existing not as atomised students ‘doing their own thing’, but as part of a meaningful whole. (infromation collected from aub.ac.uk, for more information about the course, see: AUB MA Animation Production website)

I graduated from Volda University College (Høgskulen i Volda) in 2015. Where I studied for a bachelor degree in animation. At Volda UC we were taught the basics in several different animation techniques. During our first three semesters we learned the basics in traditional hand drawn, traditional cut-out, digital cut-out, experimental, 3D(in Maya) and puppet animation. Other than this we were introduced to storyboarding, scriptwriting, character design and development, animatic, animation and film history. Aside form the teaching program at Volda University College there’s a great environment, both local as well as international. In other words, we get to learn about different cultures and practice and evolve our English language skills. For more information about Volda UC see link (sadly only in Norwegian))

My interest in this art form and specialization started when I studied media and communication at VGS (Upper Secondary School) Akademiet in Bergen (now Metis (information only in Norwegian)). There I learned about the different media and their role and influence on the society. At Akademiet VGS we were trained in several Adobe programmes. After three years at Akademiet VGS I studied a year at a university college in Hedmark. In Hamar (small city in Hedmark), I studied at the bachelor in animation programme, but applied for Volda University College after a year.

Hobbies and interests:

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Helene T. Fjereide

Bachelor in animation from Volda University College (Høgskulen i Volda) (2015). Masters of Arts in Animation production from Arts University Bournemouth (2017).

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Helene T. Fjereide

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